The National Forest

Mail Magic started working with The National Forest in late 2009 when we sat down and agreed a strategic plan of how we were

going to help them drive better results from their email marketing. For their latest campaign they provided us with a PDF of their

latest brochure which we used as a platform for the theme of their email design...

National Forest PDF
National Forest Email

Each of the links on the template are links to their latest articles on their website and they have the ability to update and change the links and pages every month. The reader gets a snap shot into each article, then they are given the opportunity to select the ones they want to read by clicking ‘read more’. This gave them the reader the ultimate email experience as they are able to choose to read only the articles they are interested in.

The email was then sent to their database and appears from a email address giving the email the best chance of being both delivered and read because the reader will reconise the email address and remember subscribing to the mailers. This also means that apart from the small Mail Magic logo in the bottom left corner of the email the clients receiptiants do no know we are involved or that their response has been tracked.

By using Mail Magic The National Forest also benefit from intelligent sending feature which treats each email as an individual, and gives you the best chance to get the email into the mail box at exactly the right time.

At anytime The National Forest Company can log into their dedicated Mail Magic account and view our comprehensive real time statistics. They are able to see who is opening the email, and what stories are the most popular and attracting the most reads and who doesn’t want to receive the emails anymore.

All of the result are downloadable into and XL spreadsheet meaning you can with ease import the results into your in house crm system as The National Forest do. The graphs make a great tools for presentations and provide a useful visual aid for analsing your results.

The result section looks a little like this...

Messages in Queue (Yet to send) 0
Messages Sent 2408
Messages Delivered 2110
Messages Failed/Bounced 298
Unsubscribed 7
Minimum Messages Opened 1265
Minimum Unique Messages Opened 620
Opened Percent 29.38%
Total Links Followed 2639
Unique Links Followed 307
Clicks as a percentage of sent 12.75%
Total Forwarded 102
Of the 2408 messages sent, only 298 failed, and over 50% of the messages were successfully opened.