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Achieving a strong and healthy relationship with your subscriber is one if the most essential tools for online success.
This relationship is essential as it has the power to make all the difference between you making a sale, or losing it to a competitor. It is the same in the offline world as well. If you needed your car fixing and had a friend who quoted a price and a stranger who quoted exactly the same price, you would always choose the friend. This is because we would always rather give someone we know our businesses rather than someone we didn’t.
The world of email marketing can be extremely competitive and so when two marketers are promoting the same product or service, it can all come down to the relationship you have with your readers.
For example, during a significant online launch which saw high ticket items being sold, a large number of marketers will be sending out emails to their subscribers. The majority of the marketers will be offering additional bonuses in an attempt to ‘bribe’ their readers to purchase through their affiliate links. At times there will be 3 or more marketers pitching exactly the same offer with a comparable value. So, if you place yourself in the position of your subscribers, why should they buy from you in comparison to all the other marketers?
It all comes down to the relationship once again. If you have a strong relationship with your subscriber they will be on your side, so to speak, especially is you are trying to win a competition with your rivals.


How to achieve a strong connection with your database:

  1. Communicate with your emailing list frequently. Do not email your subscribers only when you are promoting a product. Send them information you think they would find interesting and updates about relevant material.
  2. Show them that you care. Employ tools such as questionnaires to find out about their needs and concerns. Find out what they would like you to provide for them to assist them with their own businesses.
  3. Send out gifts. This does not have to conform to the conventional idea of a present. Send out free reports, blog post templates or even graphics, something they will find useful and beneficial.
  4. Show your human side. Allow your subscribers to see your human side, let them know details about your personal life. People respond well to people and letting your subscribers know who you are will do wonders for your relationship as well will not only thinking of you as stale emails, promoting products.
  5. Teach them. Providing your subscribers with valuable and educational information will put you in the role of teacher and they will listen and trust you. This will come in extremely handy when you specifically want them to listen to you and buy exactly what you’re selling.
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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 14:16

Building your Opt-In database

An opt-in database is the backbone of any successful email marketing campaign, regardless of whether it is a contact base of your target audience or business-2-business.
Key hints and tips for building a high-quality database to maximize your campaign response:

1. Identify your touch points

A touch point is an opportunity for potential customers to come into contact with your business and therefore a chance for you to capture their contact information, such as inviting them to ‘opt-in’ to sign up to your company email newsletter, download free information or a promotional voucher.

There are a few fundamental touch points for any company such as the website homepage, content pages, email marketing campaigns and daily communications e.g. networking.

2. E-newsletter

There are many different advantages once you have collected your opt-in database, one of which is that you can send them regular e-newsletters which all of your contacts have chosen to receive and therefore will relish your regular email communications.

Your e-newsletter will also give you a gateway to build a relationship with your contacts, as well as keeping them up to date with business developments and exclusive offers.


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