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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 13:47

4 Crucial Steps to Build Your Mailing List

The world of online marketing has grown rapidly in the past couple of years, but this is not something new. As more and more businesses have become internet based, the need and desire for a new method of marketing, skills and knowledge all based upon this medium have emerged. As time goes on more and more marketing techniques and strategies are arising and developing to be able to handle the changing face of the business world.
The need for online marketing guides, hints, tips and strategies have significantly grown which has lead to the birth of a new form of business. Although there are many companies which are more then eager to assist you with your website and help you build a clientele, for a cost, there are numerous ways to spread the word about your websites content for a lower price. One of these methods is called Opt-in email marketing, which can also be known as permission marketing.
The clue is in the name. Opt-in marketing requires you to obtain the permission of a willing consumer to subscribe to receive your email marketing material. This can include a newsletter, catalogue and promotional material. The more opt-in marketing mail you send out the higher your chances of securing sales. In order to do this you will need to build a healthy list of contact details of all the individuals who want to subscribe to you opt-in marketing material.
Once you have your list you will find your targeted customer. This will be a good list as they have already shown interest in what you have to tell and sell them as they have already signed up to receive it. A lot of people think that building their lists is a very time consuming task which is going to take a lot of hard work, but it is not the case. All it requires is a bit of patience to follow some proven strategies. By doing this you will both open up your site and your business to an entire new world of highly targeted marketing.
Making the effort to push your business to a new level will result in an increase of traffic and profits.
On the internet you will find numerous sources such as articles and blog posts to advise you on how to build your opt-in list. Although sometimes you might find them confusing, you will see that different people have different approaches and it is all about finding the right one that works for you. However, there are four simple elements which you will find in practically all the advice you read.


Install a good web form
Installing a strong web form at the end of your website content may be deemed, by some, as a little too soon to subscribe for a website it is important to remember that the homepage of your site should offer a quick and positive impression. A good web form is not that hard to achieve. Simply write a short statement about how your potential subscriber will be able to see more and receive updates about the website. You should then provide an area where they are able to insert their names and email addresses. This form should then automatically save and send you the data which has been inputted.


Have a very impressive home page
Your home page needs to include well written, interesting and relevant articles and descriptions. It should act to capture the interest and attention of the visitors as well as being easy to navigate and use. Not all of your guests will be tech savvy and so it is important to invest in good programming. Although beautiful relevant graphics should be included, make sure not to go overboard. A good mix is to aim for something which is simple but also stylish.


Good products and services
Returning customers generally mean more business. Every now and again a satisfied customer will recommend your business to a friend, family member or work colleague. The power of word of mouth and recommendations are invaluable to a company. With more members on your list the more people will know about your success, your products/services and your promotions.


Maintain a clean and private list
It is important never to lose the trust of your customers. If you pass on the email addresses you have been provided and they get spammed, the chances are they will unsubscribe almost immediately. It is important to maintain a good reputation, which will only do you well in the future and strengthen the loyalty of your consumers.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 11:50

Increasing your Subscriber Database

Here are some of Lee's top tips on increasing your subscriber database...

Forwarding your emails to a friend
Every time you send an email you have the chance to grow your subscriber base. This is done when your recipients are encouraged to pass on your message to their friends, family and colleagues.

Useful hints and tips

1. Make sure you include a clear and eye-catching ‘forward to a friend’ link within all of your email campaigns. However, do not simply rely upon your recipients forwarding your email as this does not allow you to successfully and correctly track your open and click through rates.

2. Make sure that the forwarded form of the email has a ‘friendly from’ of the referring friend or else it could end up in their spam folder.

3. It is important that your forwarded email has a ‘referring message’, such as ‘Sarah thought you might enjoy this email’
4. Always send test emails. This way you can ensure the forwarded emails appear exactly as you want them too.

5. It is vital to include a ‘sign up’ link in your email to allow the friends of your initial recipients to complete a form which can then be added to your contacts database

6. To grow your recipients base quickly and successfully your email campaign and message needs to be interesting and relevant.

7. Ensure that your message has been designed with the recipients in mind and is something they will enjoy sharing with people they know.

8. Utilizing social networking sites is a must. Use these links to witness an extremely effective and efficient way of spreading your virtual message and making new contacts.

For more ideas on how to increase your database why not call one of the team on 08451770508 and see how we can help you!

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