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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 12:16

How to Test your Subject Lines

A vital part of your campaign process should be to split test your subject lines. The process of split testing is to create two different subject lines and email them to two selected samples of your target audience, after which your measure which one is the most successful and therefore which is then the subject line you send out the remainder of your contact database.

How do you know if you have been successful?
Measuring success really depends on what the main aim is of your email campaign. If your objective is to raise awareness, brand a message or running a teaser, where you do not have a direct call to action, your measure of success will be your open rate i.e. who received your email and out of those who actually opened it.

However, if you’re aiming to drive traffic to your website or specifically targeted landing pages using links within your email, you could opt to measure the click through rate of your split test i.e. how many of those people who opened the email, proceeded to click on one of your links.

If your email campaign has one simple aim, for example, to make recipients purchase a product online or to subscribe to something like an e-newsletter on a website, you may decide to conduct more extensively into the results of a split test.
All of these different measurements will hold value in your campaign, it is simply down to you as to how much detail you wish to go into and how much time you have to allocate to testing.
Subject lines should be tested on a regular basis as what will be successful one month will not work in a couple of months time.

Make sure you carry out tests for each different campaign and at a regular frequency to ensure you always get the most out of your campaigns.

For more help with subject lines why not call one of the team at Mail Magic on 0845 1770508

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 11:50

Increasing your Subscriber Database

Here are some of Lee's top tips on increasing your subscriber database...

Forwarding your emails to a friend
Every time you send an email you have the chance to grow your subscriber base. This is done when your recipients are encouraged to pass on your message to their friends, family and colleagues.

Useful hints and tips

1. Make sure you include a clear and eye-catching ‘forward to a friend’ link within all of your email campaigns. However, do not simply rely upon your recipients forwarding your email as this does not allow you to successfully and correctly track your open and click through rates.

2. Make sure that the forwarded form of the email has a ‘friendly from’ of the referring friend or else it could end up in their spam folder.

3. It is important that your forwarded email has a ‘referring message’, such as ‘Sarah thought you might enjoy this email’
4. Always send test emails. This way you can ensure the forwarded emails appear exactly as you want them too.

5. It is vital to include a ‘sign up’ link in your email to allow the friends of your initial recipients to complete a form which can then be added to your contacts database

6. To grow your recipients base quickly and successfully your email campaign and message needs to be interesting and relevant.

7. Ensure that your message has been designed with the recipients in mind and is something they will enjoy sharing with people they know.

8. Utilizing social networking sites is a must. Use these links to witness an extremely effective and efficient way of spreading your virtual message and making new contacts.

For more ideas on how to increase your database why not call one of the team on 08451770508 and see how we can help you!

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Top tips for constructing your HTML emails part 2


Here are some more great tips to help make sure you get the most out of your email marketing design.

You can’t check enough


Once you think your email is word perfect ask someone else to proof read it and check it against all the brand guidelines. Ask them to ensure all the links are working and that they lead to your desired destination. It is also vital that all your contact details are correct and there is an ‘unsubscribe’ function visible.


Perform test sends


To see exactly what your intended audience will see perform test sends, especially to the different web based emails including Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail – Do they arrive in the correct folder? Do they look like you want them too?


Track your response rates

Although it is very interesting to monitor the response figures to your emails, you can also utilize them to make small amendments to the content, the times in which the emails are sent to see how this influences your open and click through rates.


Forward plan regarding your design


Try to select a template design which is able to be re-used. This will help you to build brand recognition by keeping particular sections similar, such as a feature like a blog feed or promotion. The discipline of planning ahead will also help you to keep your emails short and snappy, packed full of interesting and relevant information.

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