Our Courses

We have developed and refined three fantastic email marketing training courses which we think are the best on the market. No matter what level you are working at we have a course for you.

Beginners Guide

Perfect if you are considering using email marketing for the first time or want to ensure you are getting the basics right.

Advanced Seminar

Ideal if you are currently using email marketing but are not hitting your targets. Learn how to up your game considerably.

Above and Beyond

Simply the ultimate email marketing course, you not only leave the room with a wealth of knowledge but your campaigns written and complete.


We believe that training courses should be enjoyable and interactive as well as deliver a significant ROI for not only the budget spent on attending them but the time invested in attending. Our email marketing courses will show you how to design the type emails that will not only get read but forwarded on to others giving your exposure. We will show you how to increase email open rates using the latest techniques, build brand awareness and generate sales through email marketing. We’ll teach you how to create structured email marketing programs that build your business over time.

Whether you’re a newcomer or experienced internet marketer, Mail Magic’s courses are a great way to boost your knowledge and skills in a fun and interactive environment. All of our course have limited numbers so you can be sure any questions you have will be answered throughly on the day. Most importantly though we hope you'll enjoy your email marketing training so much so you leave enthused and confident you can make a real difference to your campaigns.

But don’t take our word for it watch what some of our testimonials say…