You should aim to arrive for 8.45am where we will provide a choice of tea and coffee before we start A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing will then start promptly at 9am.

Session 1 – 9.00am – 10.30am

Session title - How to write an email marketing strategy

  • Planning you campaign
  • Building a quality mailing list
  • How to group your data for better results
  • Becoming a trusted sender

15 Minute break (Coffee and tea available)

Session 2 – 10.45am – 12.30pm

Session title - Writing/designing emails that work

  • Designing emails that have impact
  • What will be covered
  • Determining the proper format for your email
  • The difference between a newsletter layout and a sales email
  • The ABC of email layout
  • The use of visual anchors
  • Making the most of the preview plane
  • Branding your emails to enhance your brand
  • Optimising your content for your audience
  • Maximising the chances of your email being delivered
  • Making your content valuable
  • Choosing the correct font and style

Lunch (Provided)

Session 3 - 13.15pm - 14.30

Session title - Building a campaign

  • How to execute a campaign
  • Filling out the from line
  • Optimising Writing subject lines that work
  • How to build a great landing page and one that has impact
  • How and when to send an email
  • AB testing how to get the best results

15 Minute break (Coffee and tea available)

Session 4 - 14.45pm - 16.30pm

Session title - following up your campaign

  • Capitalising on clicks
  • Following up your campaign
  • Understanding email tracking data
  • Managing bounced email addresses
  • How to use your results in a smarter way
  • Planning your email marketing strategy

Course finish 16.30pm

Our ‘Advanced Email Marketing Seminar’ is designed to be fast paced and give you plenty of examples of how you can use your new found knowledge in your own area of specialism. The trainer will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the course until 5pm. If you have anymore questions please do get in touch and one of the team will talk you through any questions you may have.